Proposals for European Citizen’s InitiativesECI  – in favor of citizens instead of corporations.
The EU funds itself entirely with public money from the Member States, raised from citizens through taxation. Therefore citizens of european countries should be in charge of laws and expenses by binding referenda.
Objective: laws / utilities to the Usefulness of the General: the citizens who pay the bills.
ECI proposals:
Obligation for financial accountability of EU funds for ALL Member States
Reduction wages of European officials and members of the EP and EC
Transparency of lobbying activities targeting European institutions to influence legislation
ECI proposals  under construction:
Openness about TTIP – Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – Free Trade Agreement between the EU and the U.S..
Abolition of immunities for members of EU-institutions.
Obligation for total transparantie regarding all decision processes = no secret meetings of ministers.
Obligation to binding legislation on referenda and citizen initiatives.
Obligation for EU bodies to implement demands of consumer- and civil organizations in legislation.
Ban on treaties with the EU which would empower foreign corporations to bypass domestic laws and courts – TTIP.
Obligation for GenTech-labeling of products (food and non-food).
Ban on patenting genes of vegetables, animals and humans by the EPO (European Patent Office).
Ban on chemicals which cause or might cause a threat to humans, animals, food and groundwater.
Ban on EU-subsidies for companies, corporations and organisations whose origines are outside the EU.
Exclusion of religious lobby in favor of humanitarian and knowledge-oriented reasoning.